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I am building near the ocean, does it matter what type of brick I use?

If you are building within 1km of the ocean, we would recommend that you use an Exposure Grade Brick. This is a brick that is specifically manufactured to with stand salt attack.

My house was built 30 years ago and now I want to extend. Can I match the existing bricks?

Many of the smaller brick companies still produce the more traditional bricks. All you need to do is email or text us a picture of your house, and we'll work hard to get you the best match possible.

My new build has over 20,000 bricks in it. Do I need to get them all at the same time?

As bricks are a clay product, variations can occur from batch to batch. We strongly recommend that you purchase all your bricks from one batch to avoid any colour variations.

Do i need to take delivery of all my bricks at one time?

If you have a small site, we can organise to hold your bricks in our yard at South Nowra until they are required. Provided that this storage does not exceed an unrealistic time frame, this service is offered free of charge.

How are my bricks/pavers etc delivered?

All deliveries are made with our all-terrain forklifts, making it easier for us to get your product as close a possible to your job site. However, please keep in mind that the forklift requires a 2.5 metre clearance and has a height restriction of 2.4 metres, therefore on most occasions the forklift is unable to travel through a carport. We will however make every possible attempt to get the product as close as possible to where you require it.

How do I clean my bricks once they are laid?

We strongly recommend that you engage a specialized brick cleaner to do this for you. It is dependent on the type of brick what sort of cleaning method is used. Give us a call on (02) 4423 5088 and we can recommend some brick cleaners for you.

What is a "slurry brick"?

A slurry brick is also referred to as a brick with an "applied face". Simply put this means that the face of brick has a painted surface. It is impossible to get clays to turn out some colours, like silver or cream and therefore the only way to get these modern colours is to put an applied finish on the brick. The surface colour is applied prior to the brick being put through the kiln so there is no issue with the face colour coming off the brick.


Do I need to seal my pavers?

Clay pavers do not require sealing, however if you are using concrete or natural stone pavers, we would highly recommend that you use a sealer on them once they are laid. Shoalhaven Brick & Tile stock a range of sealers for all price points and applications and our experienced staff can offer you advice on which sealer is best suited for your project.